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Welcome to the Wiki of ISG PDL on Permissioned Distributed Legders.

We analyze and provide the foundations for the operation of permissioned distributed ledgers, with the ultimate purpose of creating an open ecosystem of industrial solutions to be deployed by different sectors, fostering the application of these technologies, and therefore contributing to consolidate the trust and dependability on information technologies supported by global, open telecommunications networks.

While distributed ledgers are mostly known because of their use as cryptocurrencies, there are many other uses besides those, with examples such as the so-called smart contracts, support to digital identity attributes, object tracking, or the verification of service level agreements.

Find more about the technology and the group at

PDL Proof of Concepts campaign

ISG PDL calls for Proof of Concepts from multi-vendor partnerships, open to any organization who may be interested. A PoC project is an activity oriented to perform a Proof of Concept according to the framework described in the present document

Detailed information on how to set up a PoC Team and how to submit a PoC Proposal may be found in ETSI GS PDL 005.

Ongoing PoCs

Available soon.

Contact information

For any inquiry, please contact ETSI ISG support.